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Heavy Duty Land Leveller
Agro Machinery "Heavy Duty Land Leveller" is ideal for leveling ,filling fram yard cleaning etc.Soil retaining Wing Can be optionally fitted on both ends of blade for carrying the soil without spillage.It is suitable for sticky Soils.

Post Hole Digger
Gear Box:Precision,mechanisms with heat treated gears in a heavy gear box housing designed to suit tough soil conditions
PTO Shaft:Telescopic shaft with Shear Bolt Torque limiter,which acts as a fuse in case of overload or when the implement encounters a boulder/rock in the soil.

Tractor Trailer
Available also other utility Tractor Trailer
• House on Wheel • Vaccume Emptier • Dumper Placer • Office on Wheel • Mobile Toilet • Water Tanker


Welcome to Agro Machinery : An Overseas Partner of a ISO 9001:2008 certified Light Engineering Company.

Over the years Agro Machinery has been moving forward with just one objective - "Satisfying Customer Need". It is this endeavour that has led us in bringing out the best in innovative and practical products.Striking a fine blend of contemporary design by EROS Metal Works and practical functioning of Scintilla Alloy. Our tractor drawn have been well accepted by our valued customer. After all, satisfying customer's need isn't everybody's cup of tea.

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